Casino advertising with a difference

Casino Baden in Switzerland had a very unusual idea to advertise themselves and their gambling offer. In the meantime, Mc Donalds Baden is promoting the casino. While you are enjoying a burger menu and enjoying your meal, there is a receipt that allows you to enter Casino Baden free of charge. In addition, the casino pays all McDonald’s guests five francs as game credits , reports the page. A total of seven branches in Zurich and Aargau are also running this campaign. For around a year now, the offer seems to have been very successfully received by the hungry visitors of the American fast food restaurant.

Only now was it possible to draw a first positive balance , because of course such unusual customer acquisition measures always require a certain lead time. It should be clear that federal addiction counseling in Switzerland is desperate. Enthusiasm for this unusual form of advertising definitely looks different. The head of the center is firmly convinced that the casino especially wants to lure young guests into its ranks, because the customer group at MC Donalds is predominantly young. The aim is to awaken the fun of playing, but these methods cannot be regarded as harmless on the part of possible gambling addiction. The marketing manager at Casino Baden , on the other hand, says clearly that you only give people the option to get to know the casino in peace and without financial obligations.

The newly won guests do not take any risk simply because a certain amount of gaming credit is made available to them. At least the MC Donalds guests are free to make use of the offer to the extent that they simply look around, have a drink at the bar and leave without any ifs and buts. Of course, the offer made by the casino is aimed exclusively at adults who show a receipt and their ID at the same time. The social concept in the Swiss casinos is very strict anyway, so that there can be no way that young people can enter the casinos. In any case, the marketing strategy turns out to be very successful for Casino Baden and various other branches. However, the question of how many vouchers have already been redeemed was not answered specifically.

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